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Bismarckia Nobilis
Bismarck Palm

The Bismarck palm is native to Madagascar.  It can be grown in USDA HARDINESS Zones 10a-11. Bismarck palms start growing at a moderate rate once the trunk develops.  This palm needs lots of room to grow.  The crown will have a spread of 20' and it can reach heights of up to 60'.  The Bismarck palm does best when planted in full sun.  We carry the Bismarckia Nobilis Silver.  With the sun to your back and the Bismarck palm to your front the giant fan fronds show off their sliver.  If you would like to see another picturesque example of the silver drive by Peter C. Mecca Farms after the sun has gone down and look at the Bismarck palm we have lit up at the entrance.  That one is not for sale. 

Bismarck Field Grown

Field Grown 25'

Bismarck 3 Gallon Container

3 Gallon Container 3'
100 Available  $40

Bismarck Palm 7 Gallon Container

7 Gallon Container 6'
100 Available  $80

Bismarck Palm 25 Gallon Container

25 Gallon Container 8'
38 Available  $300



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