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Cocos Nucifera
Green Malayan Coconut Palm

The origin of the Coconut Palm is a matter of great debate.  Most will agree that it is somewhere in the Pacific.  The Coconut is most economically important palm in the world.  Coconut oil is a major cash crop for some countries.  Coir dust is used in manufacturing.  The leaves from fronds are used for making clothing, hats, roofs, etc.  Just about every part of this palm is utilized. 
 This palm can be grown in USDA Hardiness Zones 10a-11. The Coconut Palm is a fast grower.  Once establised expect 3' of growth a year.  It prefers full sun and is widely adaptable to a variety of soil types.  A mature Coconut Palm can reach 50'-80' in height.  The sound the leaves makes while rustling in the wind is reason enough to buy a Coconut Palm. 

  3 Gallon Container 3'-4'
1000 Available $30
Late Summer 2007


Coconut Palm 15 Gallon Container

15 Gallon Container 12'
7 Available  $150

Coconut Palm 25 Gallon Container

25 Gallon Container 14'
53 Available  $150



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