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Carpoxylon Macrospermum
Vanu Palm

If you have been searching for this rare palm for many moons please click the add to cart button and look no further. 

These palms have come straight from Vanuatu.  Many palm enthusiasts consider the Carpoxylon Macrospermum the Holy Grail of rare palm finds.  Now you can have your very own.  The Carpoxylon Macrospermun was thought to be extinct until 1987.  Peter C. Mecca Farms is now propagating them.  This palm prefers full sun and likes the soil to be kept evenly moist.  It does not like to stand in water but it does not like to dry out.  A mature Carpoxylon Macrospermum can reach heights of 90' with a trunk diameter of 1'.

The Carpoxylon Macrospermum you are purchasing will have 4' to 5' of growth and 5-6 shoots.  Their is a limited amount available and we do not expect it to last.  If you want to add a Carpoxylon to your collection, here is your chance.  Take it now! 

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Carpoxylon Macrospermum Citrus Pot Container



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