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"I just saw the pictures of your Frangipani trees.  The color is so beautiful.  Can not wait until these are available for sale."  N. Burpee

"Your palms look beautiful!!Tiffany

"Wow!  Your website looks great and I am really excited for the Frangipanis to be ready.  Their color is striking and I would love to have some for our yard!  I will also be ordering some Vanu Palms soon—I have never heard of them before and I would love to have something unique."  Joleen

"Cool website, Dad!  I like it a lot!" - Love Matthew

"Best collection of rare palms in South Florida.  Pete's knowledge and love of palms was unreal.  Look forward to dealing with him again."  Carlos Lazlo  Homestead, FL

"Hi Pete, Those 4 Green Malayan Coconut palms that Ann and I got on Sunday are the talk of the neighborhood and they aren't even in the ground yet. They are just beautiful. It was our lucky day when we happened to see your sign.  We will be back again as our yard needs more landscaping.  We enjoyed doing business with you and look forward to seeing you again. Respectfully, Carl & Ann"


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